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What are Bulk Excavations?

Bulk Excavation, also known as Bulk Earthworks, are completed in order to make an area a suitable height and level for your specific construction purpose. Here at Coville Excavating, we have the experience and necessary equipment to complete the Bulk Excavation process to a professional standard.

Coville Excavating provide Bulk Excavation vehicles for short or long term hire. Our experienced and qualified operators enable you to complete your construction project on schedule and to a professional standard.

There are many different scenarios where bulk excavations are needed, and a range of specialized equipment that is designed to complete the task in the most efficient and effective way. Read on to find out more.

When is Bulk Excavation Required?

Large excavations are commonly needed on construction sites where roads, railways, buildings, car parks and other infrastructure is being built. Precise site cuts are made to bring the land to the level needed to lay the foundations and build the structure.

What Type of Machinery is Used?

The right plant for the bulk excavation job depends largely on the type of material being dug, the aspect and access of the site and the amount of material that needs to be excavated and moved. Smaller machinery or those with zero swing are needed if access is difficult, and bigger machines are used for large-scale projects. Often on site during bulk excavations you’ll see other machinery working alongside the excavators too, including dump trucks, graders, bulldozers, rollers and more.

Where is it used?

Bulk Excavation may be needed for a wide range of construction developments to be completed, including.

  • - Roads
  • - Railways
  • - Canals
  • - Residential Buildings
  • - Commercial Buildings

Where Do the Excavated Materials Go?

If the excavated materials can’t be reused on site to fill other areas, it will be taken away on trucks to be used as fill on another site or disposed of. Removing it from site can be quite costly, so always explore your options to move it elsewhere on your site if possible, first.

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